The Late Great United States?

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Yes, I borrowed a title from a book written about the alleged merger between the US, Canada and Mexico that hasn’t happened yet, but there are numerous articles out there with the same title. I guess others have the same dire opinion. And forgive me for being cynical but realistic.

As most of us clear thinking Americans, who love God and America, are rubbing our eyes and heads about what is happening in this country, we must consider the following:

  • We just elected a man who is seriously affected by a cognitive disease, whose VP is considered the most radical member of Congress. Guess who’s next in office?
  • Our election process was run in some states by Dumb & Dumber, and the most corrupt politicians who answer to no one. Why not call Florida? They got their election handled in one day.
  • Donald Trump continues to fight for what appears a lost cause. The man never quits. Yes, he’s full of himself, but honest liberals would have to admit he accomplished a great deal in four years while fighting the most biased media this country has ever known — good things ignored, accusations blown out of proportion, costing taxpayers hundreds of millions in the process. How can you spell impeach? Don’t ask Maxine Waters. Expect The Donald’s return in 2024.
  • Black Lives Matter, headed by Marxists and Satanists, doesn’t include All Lives Matter, which is considered “racist. God loves everyone, and here on earth nothing is truly fair. However, violence and destruction are not healers to racial problems. Martin Luther King, whose name is on at least one street or avenue in every American city, and was admired by most everyone, would have given this bunch a thumbs down.
  • We’re now prisoners of the thought police, censored according to what is perceived as correct by Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. It will get worse.
  • As we sit idly by trusting our government leaders, the international bankers work to destroy the U.S. economy and replace it with a socialistic form of redistribution of the wealth. The rich get richer. This has been bought into by people who don’t read history. Can you feel “the Berne”?
  • Bozo run governments vote to decrease police funding so increased lawlessness will occur. Get this… recently one brainless legislator recommended letting all those on death row out of prison (sounds like a Batman movie). Maybe this numb-scull would like all these criminals to have free government housing in his/her neighborhood? Nah.
  • In many churches entertainment and the soft shoe gospel have replaced the Truth because of the fear of offending the congregations and ultimately, their billfolds and pocketbooks. Of course, eventually the 501-C3 for nonprofits will only be granted to churches that abide by government-enforced regulations that prevent churches from preaching “offensive” portions of the Bible. Sin preached will be deemed bigoted and insensitive. God is “so mean.” He is only the God of the universe who sent His Son to die for us. He is just, merciful and long-suffering, but He won’t continue to allow a nation to survive that turns its back on Him.
  • Real Christianity will become intolerable. What happens as these things get worse? More crazies and persecution for those who don’t abide by the dictates of the shadow of what was once a god-fearing nation, which, although fraught with problems, once worked for the betterment of everyone.

The Answer to these problems

The everlasting Gospel of Jesus Christ.

All this will end, bad and good, but God’s kingdom will be forever. Putting too much faith in a political party or a celebrated figure is not a permanent solution. Love him or hate him, Donald Trump was not enough to overcome “the swamp” in Washington, and too much faith was placed in this man rather than focusing on the Lord Jesus whom he confesses. It’s sad but highly predictable. All nations bite the dust eventually.

Well-known columnist and author Cal Thomas, who wrote “America’s Expiration Date: The Fall of Empires and Superpowers,” has studied the rise and fall of empires. His studies led him to the work of the late Sir John Grubb, who found a pattern to the decline of nations. He said that pattern has not changed in the 4,000 years of history he studied and that the average age of great nations is 250 years. Rome was an exception, but even Rome followed the same path to self-destruction. The U.S. reaches this ominous mark in just five years  — 2026. Hmmmm…

The US was conceived by God to take the gospel to the nations, which we did for nearly 250 years. We still do but we’re also peddling the world porn, drugs and ungodliness. The crime trafficking in persons (TIP) is considered “the fastest-growing type of organized crime” and “the third-largest criminal activity in the world.” If that weren’t disturbing enough, get this: the International Labor Organization’s most recent estimates report global profits for traffickers reaching $150 billion USD annually. Although the USA fights against this hellish trade, we actually perpetuate it. As Geoff Rogers, co-founder of the United States Institute Against Human Trafficking (USIAHT), puts it, “The United States is the number one consumer of sex worldwide. So we are driving the demand as a society.”

We’re NOT the kingdom of God as some Americans believe! We are not exempt from judgment, as God lifts His Hand of protection. The New World Order has a solution: a one-world government with one-world religion that will be intolerant of true Christianity, ridding this “menace” to make room for the antichrist, whether that’s a system or a person.

Can we get past 2026? That depends on the God’s remnant, prayer and repentance.





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