Spiritual Bricks… from the Holy Spirit School of Wisdom and Hard knocks

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    • Look inside where the kingdom is to overcome your problems. The outside will essentially take care of itself.
    • Learn to bless your spirit to build up the weakness, faults and failings.
    • You can wear yourself out with “soul battles” and probably lose, anyway, since nobody really wins in that situation.
    • Keep your focus on God, not your problem. Whatever you focus on gets bigger.
    • Control, manipulation & domination = witchcraft, etc., is often generational, and it should be brought to death on the cross (Rom. 6:6). The Blood washed it all away, but we must appropriate Jesus’ finished work.
    • Don’t get angry with people; bless and not curse. Keep forgiving until it’s second nature.
    • You will reap what you sew and become what you judge.
    • The Jezebel Principality uses cords to keep people under control. Discern what cords may be binding, controlling and manipulating you. Consider: witchcraft, hate, sex, sexual perversion, occult involvement — current or past — and inner rage. Cut the cords from controlling people, sins of the past, situations, soul ties.
    • Stop blaming God and others, and allow God to deal with you. You get out of your muck much quicker this way.
    • Satan has only two weapons: fear and lies.
    • Have no agenda but God’s. If you demand your own agenda, you won’t get His.
    • If you’re married, the two of you became one flesh, so you inherited your spouse’s stuff — good, bad and ugly. Spouses need to cut themselves free from their parents’ control — leave & cleave to find true freedom.
    • There are really only two emotions:  love and fear. Everything else flows out of these — Perfect Love (agape) casts out fear. Fear is our worst enemy and is the root of all control issues.
    • Be acutely aware of false guilt in yourself and striving to overcome it by condemning yourself – it’s a major trap. God has a better way called grace.
    • Learn that Jesus’ name is not a “magic potion” to stick on the end of your request to God. Praying in His nature will get your results (John 15:5).
    • Religiosity is a horrendous mess; avoid it. Walk in the Spirit, but don’t act religious – religious words – jargon and Christian catch phrases are not worth two cents in the Spirit. It’s all a heart matter.
    • Learning to meditate may be the most important thing you ever do as a believer. The quiet spirit that can receive from the Father is very powerful!  (Psa. 62:5; Isa. 30:15-18).
    • God isn’t happy with mechanical interaction. He’s a Person who deeply desires intimacy with us. He’s not a spiritual Santa Claus. He’s “yo” Daddy!
    • Denial is not a river in Egypt.
    • Thee’s and Thou’s belong in the 16th century.
    • Quit fretting over who’s “pre-tribbing” and follow the Lamb wherever He goes (Rev. 14:4).
    • Learning to love God with our total being is more important than who the antichrist is or all about the 7 Seals of Revelation, etc.
    • Speaking the truth in love is God’s way; political correctness is nothing but compromise.
    • Deep inner peace from Jesus is a healer… stress is a killer.
    • “Positive Confession” can turn into nothing less than spiritual manipulation of the Father.
    • On the other hand, “If it be thy will,” can act as a faith killer!
    • Strong and accurate teaching/preaching on the Blood of Jesus and His Cross and the incomparable Presence of the Holy Spirit can do more damage to satan’s kingdom that a dump truck full of feel good sermons!
    • Agape covers a multitude of sins.
    • Your “inner child” probably needs healing, but there’s also a spiritual brat sitting next to him!
    • The Lord’s Supper, Communion or Eucharist – whatever your church calls it – was never meant to be just a remembrance tool. This ordinance was given to bring us life! (John 6:54). It’s not just symbolic.
    • Praying in tongues edifies the believer and touches things in the heavenly realm. To dismiss it or minimize it is foolishness, not the other way around!
    • Paul was definitely a Southerner because he “prayed in tongues more than you all” (I Cor. 14:18, KJV)!
    • Believing IS the work (John 6:29). The rest of it is mop up time!
    • Jesus has your works planned for you – you just need to find out what they are so you can get in on it – (Eph. 2:10).
    • Self-focus and self-pity are fodder for the devil.
    • Jesus rose “a great while before day and prayed”…  Shouldn’t we?
    • You’re only getting older on the outside no matter how much Botox you use, but your inner man is being renewed daily.
    • When you look in the mirror, God says, “You’re beautiful!!” Either that or you say, “Call 911.”
    • Stop complaining … the Israelites did it regularly, and God sent verminous snakes among them. Do you get it?
    • Be careful what you say because your brain is listening and recording it all, and it will play it back to you!
    • Cursing others is like spitting into the wind!
    • Jesus made real excellent wine at the wedding at Cana. Seriously, can you imagine that they “saved the best grape juice for last”?
    • Give up the management of the universe – the Job’s already taken!
    • Never see someone for who they are but who they can become.
    • Reading too many books, especially religious ones, is wearying to the soul, but don’t take it from me, ask Solomon (Eccl. 12:12).
    • Get a life …. Get His!
    • God has a rubber room … It’s called Grace.
    • Are you a sheriff or a farmer? Sheriffs have rules; farmers help things grow.
    • Hungry means you want some spiritual food – “hongry” means you can’t do without it!
    • Wisdom: Don’t leave home without it.

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  1. Yo Joe- this was excellent & gave me confirmation for some things today. Thanks again!

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