Restoring Your Foundations

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Have you experienced some very trying times? Do you feel wounded and angry? Do you experience seemingly never-ending cycles that no amount of prayer and counseling seem to heal? Then you’re likely a candidate for Restoring the Foundations ministry (RTF). RTF is an international ministry that produces tremendous results. I am a certified prayer minister with this ministry, and I would like to help you.

Most people have unhealed wounds, and without the healing power of Jesus Christ, they will remain as they are until they die. There is a better way.

Restoring the Foundations (RTF) is an integrated approach to healing ministry. The need for healing comes from problems and issues. Without problems, there would be no need for healing. The first step to healing is realizing the problem. Life is not perfect; no one has ever had an easy life. We all feel pain from what others have done to us, pain from addictions and compulsions, and pain from our own actions. Quite often, we try to simply cover up what has happened and move on, even though the past still haunts us. It is not usually considered that life can be so much better. So the question remains: can we be healed, and if so how much?

RTF comprises four main areas of ministry in its integrated approach, meaning each area ties into the other. Ministry generally goes in the order listed, but the order may change at times as the Holy Spirit directs. The four integrated areas are as follows: 1) the Sins of the Fathers 2) Ungodly Beliefs (UGBs) 3) Soul-Spirit Hurts 4) Demonic Oppression. Briefly, some of the difficulties we have been inherited through our family lines. Second, we all have ungodly beliefs – things that we have come to believe about ourselves that don’t line up with what the Bible says. 3) Third, Soul-Spirit hurts are those wounds we experience by being human such as rejection, abandonment, and physical and psychological abuse of various kinds. Last, demonic oppression is dealt with because in the spiritual realm evil exists to oppress human beings and must be removed so the person can experience true freedom. The last one is often dealt with first. This is a mistake if the others are not dealt with first because we leave the door to evil open to return.

As with any healing ministry, we must walk out our freedom to maintain it and see it grow. However, we will be far better equipped with many valuable tools which will enable us to become more like Christ. RTF is simply a tool that God has given us for freedom. Please prayerfully consider if you should receive the ministry, and perhaps even be trained in it so that God can use you to help bring freedom to others.

Restoring the Foundations’ approach to healing is biblically backed and proven. The ministry impacts thousands each year. God wants to heal us and make us whole. If we truly want to receive healing, we will be healed.

If you feel you’re a candidate for this ministry, please send me a message through my blog, I’d be pleased to discuss your problem with you and set up a ministry session with you, according to your convenience. If you live in another state, we can make other arrangements for ministry.

Joseph Beckham is the author of Deeper Water for Thirsty Souls –


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