Overcoming Bipolar Disorder: A Christian Perspective

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Are you suffering with bipolar disorder or know someone close to you who is? There’s hope besides medicine.

In Overcoming Bipolar Disorder & Other Mental Difficulties: A Christian Perspective, author Joseph Beckham takes a fresh look at the scriptures in capturing what the Bible has said for centuries – You can overcome!

This 254-page book is packed with research and scriptural insights to help those suffering find hope.

Joe Blankson, MD said, “As a Christian, I know that life is all about being changed into Christ’s image (Romans 8:29). It is a lifelong journey from whenever we call upon the Name of the Lord to save us. The word salvation is the Greek word, “Sozo,” which means to heal, deliver, protect and save. Obviously, this involves our brains and our minds that need “sozoing.” I believe Joseph Beckham has pieced together the chapters in this book that will bring great meaning to this word, sozo, as it relates to the transformation and healing of the mind. It is imperative that anyone seeking healing for their mental difficulties give heed to the “recipe” in this book.”

“In this book, Joe Beckham seeks not to diagnose bipolar disorder, nor to refute the achievements and discoveries of medical science in this area. Instead, he provides insight into how and why the brain reacts negatively to certain painful or deceptive aspects of life and to the series of events that affect us from the time we are formed and fashioned in the womb until the day we die. He provides Biblical truths that supply answers and solutions for overcoming those negative responses that can forever change the course and direction of our lives to one of victorious freedom. Moreover, he shares these discoveries out of the reality of his own personal journey to healing and victory over bipolar disorder,” Rev. Sherrlyn Frost, LifeWater Biblical Counseling Ministry, said

Get the print version today at https://www.lulu.com/shop/search.ep?keyWords=overcoming+bipolar+disorder+%26+Other+mental+difficulties&type=. The print version also will soon be available on Amazon, ITunes and other book distribution websites along with the epub version, which is already available. Joe is also the author of Deeper Water for Thirsty Souls – http://amzn.com/1493781286

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