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Joseph (Joe) Beckham has been in the business and education worlds for almost 40 years, all the while ministering to people’s spiritual needs. In Deeper Water for Thirsty Souls, he gleans from “the school of hard knocks” and practical spiritual knowledge to produce for readers a humorous but no-holds-barred approach to spiritual healing and help for people longing for a deeper walk with Jesus Christ. Joseph is a gifted writer and speaker. He lives in Birmingham, Alabama, and is available as a speaker/trainer to churches and secular and spiritual conferences.


Deeper Water for Thirsty Souls was written in an attempt to address many issues facing the modern church and to people everywhere looking for healing and help to life’s complexities. Joseph says the word for today is “thirsty” for many who remain dissatisfied with their spiritual walk and are longing for more of what the Bible pledges, but they have yet to grasp the consistent peace that Jesus promised His followers. “Deeper” is unapologetic for its kind but “in your face approach.” “People really don’t need another book that soft sells what the Bible says is wrong with all of us, while simultaneously, shortchanging us on all the Good News that God paid for through His Son, Jesus,” Joseph says. “Challenging,” “fun,” “provoking,” “liberating,” “clever,” and “life-changing” are just a few of the words used by those who have read this book and endorsed it. Emotionally, as you read, you’ll be mad, glad, grateful, exhilarated, aggravated, and Joseph hopes, moved by the content.


Although only 9 short chapters long, you’ll find this book packed with information and insights that could comprise several books. In Chapter One, Understanding Yourself: Spirit, Soul and Body, you’ll be introduced to the biblical teaching of spirit, soul and body and the vital need for believers to not only understand but apply this truth. Chapter Two, Healing Our Spirit, focuses on the human spirit and the need for healing and cleansing, which is often overlooked in many spiritual circles. In Chapter Three,The Flesh: the Enemy of the Spirit, you’ll find that our greatest enemy is not Satan but our own selves and how Jesus’ death on the cross provided the means to consistent victory. In Chapter 4,Why a Good Self-Image Isn’t a Good Thing, the writer examines whose image is to be built into us, and why, for our sakes, it isn’t ours! Chapter 5, Trouble is Your Friend, presents the biblical view of trouble and how we’re to face it, handle it and grow from it. Hindrances to Abundant Living are found in Chapter 6. Many have lived the Christian life for untold years, only to run into the same walls again and again. This chapter offers solutions to these problems. Chapter 7 exposes The Man Behind the Curtain and explains why the biggest liar in the universe is actually toothless and “naked.” In Chapter 8, You May Be Religious If…, the writer uses a funny line from comedian Jeff Foxworthy to help us see that “being religious” can be one of the most damaging characteristics a Christian may possess. Last, Chapter 9, Waiting on Jesus,provides the writer’s view of where we are in time, if indeed “Jesus is coming soon,” and how we should approach those days in view of current conditions.


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