A Deep Root of Hate: Misogynist Spirit Revelation


From time to time I run across a spiritual revelation that explains a great deal. This is one of those. Whether this spirit merely prevents a man from having intimacy with his wife or others, or is the root of much hatred and violence toward women, depends on the man, his woundedness and generational line. Obviously, the opposite revelation is also true – women may have a man-hating spirit. I remember years ago a brother talking about being at a meeting where a group of feminists was sharing a stage. He said down to the last woman, each had been molested or violently treated in some manner by a man. Thus the man-hating spirit was understandable. Without Jesus’ sweet forgiveness being exercised by these women, they would indeed remain resentful, angry and hateful toward the male gender. The following was received from Aslan’s Place: http://aslansplace.com/language/en/about-aslans-place/

 Joseph Beckham

 Over the course of my ministry, I have been privileged to meet many wonderful people who love the Lord but have been greatly assaulted by the enemy.  The misery caused by this oppression has manifested in excruciating pain and misery.  Many of these servants of God have found themselves lashing out at others without a true understanding of the motivation for their behavior. Gavino Guerrero, in conversation with the Lord, has gained some very interesting insights into the dynamics of the struggle of Christians who have first suffered abuse, and then gone on to abuse others.  I love his thinking processes, and trust you will find this article helpful in ministry to others.

 Paul L Cox

Aslan’s Place

Introduction to Gavino Guerrero Jr.:

Gavino Guerrero Jr. is the son of missionary pastors who served in the City of Juarez, México, for over 45 years. Born into ministry, Gavino was under the discipleship of his pastors and parents, and served in ministry capacities as worship director, Sunday school teacher and director, youth pastor, small group supervisor, and church council member. Gavino and his wife, Carmen, who pastored for twelve years in El Paso, Texas, are transitioning into a new ministry. They have done extensive conference speaking throughout their tenure, and have also had several television appearances in a local Christian television station sharing the Word of God, conducting interviews and assisting in television fund raising.

Gavino’s Revelation:

“I share the…thought to make manifest the hidden hate that Satan planted and operated in me throughout my life. I was awakened to this truth by the revelation that I was carrying hate towards my mother, and by extension, the feminine gender.”

In the parable of the wheat and the tare in Matthew 13, hate is at the core of the concept used to reference the enemy. The Greek word for ‘enemy’ is ecthros, which means hate, so it follows that a person whose essence is hate will naturally be an enemy. God sees either love or hate. There is no gray or neutral area.

The objective of the Greek concept that describes an enemy is to highlight its essence and bring attention to the uncontrollable impetus behind his adversarial position. Immanent to this concept, is transcendence to the superficial expression that is used to point out the presence of an enemy who seeks to undermine. Effectively, the Greek language, first and foremost, purposes to bring to consciousness the hate at the core of our enemy so that the enmity loses its evil euphemism intended to mask the hate. It’s imperative we understand we are not dealing with a “passive aggressive” enemy whose intention is to do some harm, but with one who is uncontrollably driven by the highest degree of unimaginable and indescribable hate as it seeks to murder, steal and destroy God’s creation. Furthermore, in the Hebrew language, the word for enemy, oyeb, is derived from the root word, ayáb, and also means hate, carrying the same concept contained in the Greek expression.

Using the NLT version as a guide, Matthew 13:25 could be understood: “But that night as the workers slept, the one who hated him came and planted [hate] weeds among the wheat [love], then slipped away.” Consequently, although as Christians we do not ignore that we have an enemy called Satan – and all his minions – we overconfidently pretermit his essence of hate and disregard that surreptitiously he methodically plants hate in the heart through those that wound; be it through family members, church weeds or a traumatic experience.

I share the antecedent thought to make manifest the hidden hate that Satan planted and operated in me throughout my life. I was awakened to this truth by the revelation that I was carrying hate towards my mother, and by extension to the feminine gender. This revelation came in connection to my mother’s practice to tie me by my ankle to the foot of the bed at an approximate age of six or seven, in order to refrain me from running around our small house, wreaking childhood havoc.

I had already been aware as a result of sexual trauma that: 1) at the precise moment of awakening to the abuse, the immediate impulse was to react with hatred toward God for not protecting me and, 2) hatred toward humanity, society and men supervened as the means to protect myself. Needless to say, I subconsciously justified the misotheism, misanthropy and misandry I carried by the emotional and psychological violations I had endured. Furthermore, these hatreds would be consolidated by physical abuse in the form of violent and hateful bullying, which occurred post-sexual abuse. Satan was methodically cultivating hate in my soul, and giving me an argumentative thought life that would keep the hate alive.

The survival instinct resulting from my sexual and physical abuse was interfaced with a peripherally developed pastoral family culture in which the interpersonal dynamic was, in itself, a response to the abusive, manipulative and hostile behavior of church “weeds” (those who are also hateful and abusive since they are Satan’s offspring and are motivated by his nature, per Matthew 13:41).

In order to reciprocate to the hostile church [people] environment, these interpersonal skills had to be founded on suspicion and secrecy. This is a necessary but lamentable dynamic that is often instilled in PK’s[1] at a young age to protect them from church weeds who are bent on obtaining intel on their ministerial parents. Mistrust, hyper-vigilance, and no genuine relational connections are the inevitable result of: a) not being able to “allow anyone in emotionally” and, b) church people abandonment. In my case, emotionally detached and pretentious connections, most likely an Attachment Disorder, along with a well developed and finely tuned aptitude to adapt my personality, enabled me to masterfully reciprocate within multifaceted church and social settings.

Within the context of my life, I now understand that this interface is like living in a dimension within multiple dimensions where the subject is trapped inside the dimensions and has no choice but to develop survival mechanisms; because in this dimensional labyrinth, one cannot discern where the meaning and pureness of life is, and Satan can most definitely weave a very tangled mental web. Under these aberrant and coping behaviors, I was prime demonic-shaping material for a life of secrecy, antisocialism, isolation, superficial and unemotional relationships, manipulation of others, deceit, guiltlessness, deep hatred towards God and all church related life and toward humanity in general.

As if these addictive behaviors were not enough, the enemy also fomented in me the spirit of misogyny, which is the hatred of women. God is revealing to me that this misogynist spirit, and all spirits of hatred, is the evil power that operates machismo and male chauvinism. It is behind all the forms of degradation, torture, abuse and homicide of women, and is pervasive in every male-dominated society in the world. This is obviously a corruption of the love between a man and a woman as God intended, but the way this misogynist spirit operates is to deceiving to men[2] via the ‘illusion of love’ and affection they feel for women. If we rightly concede that hate is antithetical to love, then the absence of love towards a woman is hate. This means that within the dynamics of pursuing a woman to have a sexual relationship with her, such an absence of love, normally interpreted as lust, is in essence the presence of hate.

God also revealed the presence of this misogynist spirit in my life, showing me that the practice of my sexual promiscuity transcended a coping behavior to fill a need, and was in actuality an exercise in hate. That is to say, men who lust after women are not looking for a relationship based on true love and respect, but their pursuit of women is driven by hate.

Prayer of Renunciation for the Misogynistic Spirit

Heavenly Father, on behalf of myself and my generational line, I repent for and renounce all hatred and dishonor of women.

For myself and my family line I repent for and renounce engaging in forced marriages, prostitution, and the treating women as objects, to be bought and sold without regard to their safety or calling for the purpose of sexual exploitation or financial gain. I repent for all who used women, particularly older or unattractive women, as slave labor. Lord, please break off all the consequences on my family line for those who were treated as burdens and rejected as worthless because of their feminine gender.

I repent for and renounce for myself and my family line for all who considered women a little better than animals, without spirit or genuine intelligence. I repent for all who enforced female genital mutilation to control and subdue women. I repent for all who believed the lie that women were created first and faulty.

For myself and my family line, I repent for and renounce all who practiced Droit d’Seigneur, a practice that enabled the owners of feudal estates to deflower virgins on their wedding night to other men. I repent for all who valued women based on proof, real or imagined, of their virginity. I repent for all who dehumanized women by romanticizing them as pure and untouchable, or demonized them by reducing them to only sexual roles. More specifically, I repent for all who were deceived by the manifestation of the misogynistic spirit known as the Madonna/whore complex.

For myself and my family line, I repent for and renounce the generational hatred of the female gender that led to infanticide of girls in many cultures. I repent for all who murdered women.

For myself and my family line, I repent for and renounce getting hysterectomies without medical cause to solve emotional distresses in women.

For myself and my family line, I repent for and renounce all participation in dishonorable legal practices regarding women, withholding from them the right to own property, to have custody of their own children, or to have a voice in their own lives.

For myself and my family line, I repent for and renounce all participation in legal violence against women. I repent for all who committed financial abuse against women, refusing to provide for them.

For myself and my family line, I repent for and renounce denying women access to education to subjugate them. I repent for all who have denied women access into various trades because of fear and greed which denied them a way for providing for themselves. I repent for all who devalued the equal physical labor of a woman by seeing it as less than equal.

For myself and my family line, I repent for and renounce committing violence against women during the days when women peaceably demonstrated for the right to vote.

For myself and my family line, I repent for all who engaged in abortion, forced or voluntary and renounce this act. I repent for all who participated in corrupt obstetrical practices, such as the outlawing of forceps, because of a belief that women were to suffer during childbirth.

For myself and my family line, I repent for all who participated in modern gynecological practices that administered scopolamine, not to relieve pain, but to disorder a woman’s mind so that she would not remember giving birth and then removed the baby forcibly while the mother was trapped in restraints.

For myself and my family line, I repent for all who have participated in obstetrical practices that ignored the needs of the mother and gave preference to the doctor, practices such as giving unnecessary cesareans, episiotomies, and all other procedures that treat pregnancy as an illness.

For myself and my family line, I repent for all who valued women solely on the basis of their ability to bear children, particularly male children. I particularly repent for all those who blamed their wives for the failure to produce children.

For myself and my family line, I repent and renounce for all who have objectified women by valuing them solely on the basis of their beauty. I repent for all who have debased women by participating in pornography and prostitution.

For myself and my family line, I repent for and renounce any rejection of women based on flaws in comparison with the beauty standard of the time. I repent for all who fixated on female beauty and missed the genuine beauty that God placed within woman.

For myself and my family line, I repent for all who have twisted the original intent of the submission of women in marriage, dishonoring the knowledge that women are co-heirs with Christ and I renounce their error. I repent for all who have used their authority to humiliate abuse and control women.

For myself and my family line, I repent on behalf of all of the mothers in my generational line who failed to bond with and support their children and passed on a distrust and hatred of women and I renounce this failure to love. I repent on behalf of the children in my generational line who held bitter root judgments against their mothers and sisters and opened a door to misogyny.

For myself and my family line, I repent for all who have been deceived by the feminist mindset which views God, marriage, and motherhood as the primary avenues of violence against women and I renounce this mindset. I repent for all who rejected their roles as women. I repent for all who have dishonored women by this rejection.

In the name of Jesus of Nazareth, I forgive everyone who has hurt me and my family by agreeing with and acting in a misogynist spirit.

Father God, please cleanse all misogyny from my generational line and restore to the women in my family line the place you originally intended for them. I ask you to bless them with the knowledge of Your love and a desire to claim their inheritance and an acceptance of their calling in You.

I repent for and renounce my personal agreement with the woman-hating spirit. I now break every curse I have spoken over myself, including my body and its functions, in the name of Jesus. I repent for and renounce any spiritual rebellion or anger over the choice of my Heavenly Father to create me as woman. I accept my female gender and bless it, in the name of Jesus.

The prayers provided on this website have been developed during bible studies, prayer sessions and through revelation. We have faith that they have been provided by God and we test them all against God’s Holy Word. These prayers are not a quick fix. Instead, they are starting points as you work out your freedom in Christ. Be ready to adjust these prayers as you and those you pray with listen to the Holy Spirit. Permission is given to reproduce this prayer in its entirety provided that no changes are made. In addition, please reference Aslan’s Place and http://www.aslansplace.com on all reproductions. http://aslansplace.com/language/en/about-aslans-place/

This prayer is included in our book Prayers for Generational Deliverance.

Upon the initial revelation of hate towards the feminine gender, I was led by God to utter the Error! Hyperlink reference not valid., as written in Paul L Cox’s book, Come Up Higher.  As I prayed the prayer, God revealed to me the depth of this spirit’s influence in my life, which prompted me to look deeper into the subject.  The aforementioned is the gist of what God revealed.

In line with Pastor Paul’s prayer, after articulating in Spanish another Prayer to Remove and Renounce the Misogynistic Spirit, Alice Mills and I have included repentance, removal and renunciation of misandry, misanthropy, misotheism and misopedia.  I am thrilled to report that after my wife and I uttered the prayer, God manifested Himself and deliverance took place.

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  1. I do not understand the reason for the person praying the prayer (by Paul Cox) to repent for sins they themselves did not personally commit but rather their ancestors committed. Is this Biblical? I thought we are all responsible to repent for our own personal sins not for those committed by others; especially those whom we have never met, whether or not they are related to us. Thank you in advance for your reply to this

    1. Hi! I missed your question. Not repenting for others’ sins but confessing them to God. Yes, biblical. There are at least three places in Scripture where the sins of the ancestors were confessed. If you’ll leave your email address, I’ll send you an entire teaching on generational curses and blessings. Joe

    2. The reason is because these people are in your bloodline. You’re not asking God to forgive their sins; you’re confessing and acknowledging that we often sin in the likeness of our ancestors. This is found in three different places in the Bible. This particular sin is called iniquity (see Exodus 20:3-5). These sins are visited upon other generations through no fault of our own. It’s just the way the Law works. On the contrary, you also receive the blessings from your ancestors. The wonderful thing is Jesus paid for those sins on the cross, leaving us with the blessings and breaking the curses that come through generational sin. I’ve seen this done in my own life as well as many others. Some repetitive sins fall into the category of iniquity.

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