Month: May 2014

God’s a Keeper

St. Augustine made the following statement that always seems to rattle a few cages: “Love God and do what you will.” For rule-keepers this is flat out heresy. Spoken somewhere between 354-430 A.D., Augustine had discovered the truth about a relationship with God: Rules don’t keep you, God does. In the beginning we find that

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The Peace that Crushes

The Bible has many references to peace from beginning to end. Its opposite is stress, which is essentially a fear focus, a killer. Peace guards our hearts and minds (Phil. 4:6-7), while the stress works hard to destroy them! For those who believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord, He promises two kinds of peace

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Dealing with the Devil

I’d just as soon not deal with this subject or deal with the personification of evil that this monstrous fallen angel takes, but today, at the pinnacle of the world’s modernity and mindboggling technology, this being draws the attention of the head of the world’s largest church, the pope. Just this week Pope Francis, who

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